Tricia B. Moore is a former elementary school teacher, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with a Minor in Early Childhood Education. While working in the corporate world for over 17 years, she realized her deep affection and concern for dogs, and decided to follow her passion and make the transition from children to canines a full time endeavor.
She began training dogs early in her life, first as a hobby, then as a part-time business, and finally, culminating into a full time business many years ago.   Tricia has worked with largely all breeds and mixes and at various stages of their lives... from puppies to older dogs with assorted behavioral problems and varying fears and phobias. She continually and adamantly stresses the importance of early socialization to prevent fear based aggression from developing later in adulthood.

Tricia is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and has attended countless seminars, lectures and conferences in the field of animal behavior. She also derives much pleasure in keeping herself literarily abreast of any and all new breakthrough techniques that will ultimately make the dog guardian's role easier in regard to training and maintaining the desired behaviors from their dog. Her greatest professional reward is knowing of the many dogs she has helped keep their homes and many owners, their sanity, by educating them how to train their dogs effectively, using the positive approach method.

"Many people forget, or if it's their first dog, are unaware of all that is involved when they decide to acquire a puppy. It can be compared, in degree, to raising a child and frustration levels, at times, can build. By learning the correct methods, however, the frustrations can be kept to a minimum and the education can and should be fun.   The bond that is ultimately cultivated through this learning process truly goes beyond compare."

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